2017 Camp Partners

The 2017 Ohio Water Polo Camp is proudly hosted by the following organizations.
If you are interested in becoming a partner for the Ohio Water Polo Camp, please email [email protected]

The Ohio Squirrels Water Polo Club
Cincinnati’s premier co-ed masters water polo club founded in 2007.
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ohiosquirrels.com

Jose Cerda Aquatic Foundation
Website: http://www.joseito.webs.com/
Foundation used to support water polo and swim programs in Ohio.

Zumo Water Polo
Website: http://zumousa.com/

Turbo Water Polo
Website: http://turbowaterpolo.com/
“In all sectors the TURBO commitment has always been to offer to its customers quality and innovation, with the guarantee of an absolute satisfaction.”
(Turboe website)

Kap7 Water Polo
Website: http://kap7.com/
Founded by aquatic greats Bradley Schumacher and Wolf Wigo, KAP7 is comprised of 5 former collegiate athletes. Combined they have participated in 12 NCAA Water Polo Championships, 3 NCAA Swimming Championships, 2 NCAA Swimming Finals, and claimed 7 NCAA Water Polo titles. Based on many years of combined experience, KAP7 was formed to design and build innovative world class products for the water polo community that are “Built by Water Polo Players, For Water Polo Players”.
(Kap7 website)

Abdou Aquatics
[email protected]